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Where to stay: Hotels in San Sebastian

Recommended hotel in San Sebastian:

We recommend staying in the centre or the Old City. There's more going on here and you can walk everywhere you need to go. Hotels in San Sebastián are quite old-fashioned and rather expensive, especially during the peak season (June to September). For this reason, we recommend above all the charming rooming houses in the city.

Smart Choice: Pensión Aldamar.
  • Smart Link: rates on their webpage are usually the same as on search engines.
  • Price: 90-100€ double room with bathroom, breakfast not included (approx. £75-83). 
  • Address: c/ Aldamar 2, 1°, 20004 Donosti-San Sebastián (see map). Tel: (+34) 943 430 143. 
  • How to get there: It's a 20-minute walk from the bus station. Since you'll have luggage, take bus 26 or 28 on Avenida de Sancho el Sabio and get off at the Boulevard (15 minutes, 1.60€). A taxi will run you 5-6€.
  • Description: tastefully renovated rooming house with an unbeatable location (next to the Boulevard). The fully equipped rooms seem more like ones in a hotel than a rooming house. 
  • See Pensión Aldamar at TripAdvisor

Other recommended hotels:

Basic choice:

Premium choice:
  • Hotel Astoria7: 110-135€ per room, breakfast not included (approx. £91-112). A renovated cinema, which makes it unique. Situated close to the San Sebastián bus station. Rates are usually better on their webpage than on search engines. See Hotel Astoria 7 at TripAdvisor.

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