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How to get around Santiago

How to get around Santiago:

Santiago de Compostela is small so you can get everywhere on foot. Along the Smart Route you will be told on how to get to each visit. Unlucky there is no possible to download a map from Santiago's official tourist website but you can check it here.

The Santiago airport is 10 kilometres from the city. The best way to get there is by bus, which in 30 minutes and for 3€ (5.10€ round trip) leaves you in the centre of Santiago. To get to the bus stop, follow the signs for "Bus Santiago" in the airport (not the signs for "Bus Tour Operador"). The bus leaves every 30 minutes from 00:00 to 23:30 and makes stops at the bus station, the train station and the city centre (Calle Doctor Teixeiro). Get off at the stop closest to your hotel and walk or take a taxi (4-5€).

If you prefer, you can take a taxi directly from the airport to your hotel (15 minutes, 20€).