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Where to stay: Hotels in Salamanca

Recommended hotel in Salamanca:

You can find hostels in Salamanca for less than 75€, but they are old-fashioned and the renovations are very basic, so you end up hearing everything the hotel staff and other guests are doing. For this reason, we recommend staying in a hotel in Salamanca. They are usually cheaper during the week than the weekend, but in any case we let you know what the rates are.

Smart Choice: Room Mate Vega.
  • Smart Link: They guarantee the best rate on their webpage. Still, at, they sometimes give an individual rate for 2 and the non-refundable rate with free cancelation.
  • Price: 59-95€ double room, breakfast not included (approx. £48-78).
  • Address: Plaza del Mercado 16, 37001 Salamanca, Spain. Tel: (+34) 923 272 250. Email:
  • How to get there: If you're coming by car, the best thing is to enter on Avenida de los Reyes de España, continue until it turns into Gran Vía, turn left at Calle de las Varillas and continue until Plaza del Mercado. Hotel parking is 9€ per night, but there areas in the city where you can easily find a parking place (ask the front desk where it's best to park). If you arrive by bus, you can walk (10-15 minutes) or take a taxi (8-10 minutes, 5€).
  • Description: Hotel with spectacular decor, very comfortable rooms and, best of all, ideally located in the city centre (3 minutes from Plaza Mayor).
  • See Hotel Room Mate Vega at TripAdvisor

Other recommended hotels:

 Basic choice:

Premium choice:

  • AC Palacio San Esteban: 90-165€ double room, breakfast not included but with free mini-bar (approx. £95-130). For a bit of luxury, an old renovated palace in a central location (10 minutes from Plaza Mayor). See AC Palacio San Esteban at TripAdvisor. On their webpage they claim that the best prices are to be found here, but you might find some prepaid offers at Booking.