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What to do and see in Spain

What to visit in Spain (sightseeing):

  • Barcelona: The city where Gaudí, Picasso and Miró did much of their work, Barcelona is a genuine work of art in and of itself. 
  • Madrid: The capital of the country and nexus of people from different backgrounds. Noteworthy for its museums and lively nightlife. 
  • Granada: A city of dreams, where history becomes reality in the form of the Alhambra. 
  • Seville: Colourful and happy, Seville is the capital of Andalusia and embodies the core of its culture, which includes flamenco and bullfighting. 
  • Córdoba: Less known than the previously mentioned cities, Cordoba is the site of the most important mosque in the Islamic West, a work that rivals any one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. 
  • San Sebastián: Classic, noble and elegant, one of the most beautiful cities in world to live. Its urban beach (La Concha) makes it unique, though it's worth visiting if only to try its famous pinchos (bar snacks).
  • Bilbao: Renovated since the inauguration of the Guggenheim Museum, it's a perfect example of an industrial city remodelled into a small tourist attraction. 
  • Santiago de Compostela: Mecca for Christian pilgrims since the Middle Ages, it's noteworthy for its cathedral and its medieval/gothic-style old city, not to mention the spectacle of hundreds of pilgrims arriving each day after walking more than 800 km. 
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Attractions in Spain (things to do):

  • Watch a football match. Unquestionably the national sport of Spain. If you're lucky enough to see a Barcelona-Madrid match, you'll never forget it! 
  • Eat dinner in the Albaicín with views of the Alhambra, a vision that will blur the boundary between reality and fantasy. 
  • Visit one of the museums of the Golden Triangle of Art, the greatest concentration of artwork in Europe. 
  • Relax on the beach. Probably the most common excuse for visiting Spain! 
  • Attend a flamenco performance. Unique singing and dancing that any visitor will fall in love with.
  • Admire the modernisme, or art nouveau, architecture of Barcelona. Gaudi is its main champion, though by no means the only one.
  • Eat. In few places in the world can you eat as well and as diversely as in Spain, and what's more, at very affordable prices.