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What to do and see in Toledo

Toledo Cathedral:

La Catedral de Toledo

Brief description: Highpoint of Spanish Gothic architecture, construction on it began in 1226, during the reign of Fernando III el Santo (the Saint). In 1493, when the Catholic Monarchs were on the throne, the vaults of the interior central nave were closed. Both the exterior and interior are worth seeing, especially the two-story choir made of stone and wood, the ...

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Route from the Cathedral to Santa María la Blanca (15 minutes.):

Take Calle de la Trinidad (behind the archbishop's palace) and continue on Calle Santo Tomé. At Santo Tomé 2, you'll find the cute Café de las Monjas, where you can have a coffee (1.60€) or hot chocolate (2.80€) and sample one of the typical sweets of the region. Heading down the left-hand side of Travesía del Conde, you'll come to Plaza del Conde, the site of ...

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Santa María la Blanca Synagogue:

Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca, Toledo

Brief description: In 1260, the Jewish community of Toledo was granted an extraordinary permit from the King Alfonso X to rebuild "the biggest and most glorious synagogue in Spain". The building was erected on Christian soil, at the request of the Jews, and Arab builders carried out the work. This is probably why the interior is more reminiscent of a mosque than a ...

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Route from Santa María la Blanca to Plaza Zocodóver (30 minutes):

Santa María la Blanca, Toledo

Following Calle de los Reyes Católicos on the right, you'll come to the monastery Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes. An example of Spanish Elizabethan Gothic architecture, it is the most important building erected by the Catholic Monarchs. The monastery is a memorial to the achievements of the Catholic Monarchs and their political policies. While the cloister is ...

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Route from Plaza Zocodóver to the Cathedral (30-40 minutes):

Plaza Zocodóver, Toledo

Start the route in Plaza Zocodóver, the neuralgic centre of the city. Note the beautiful gate leading to hill called Cuesta de Santa Fé. Leaving the square along Carlos V Hill, you'll come to the Alcázar of Toledo, undoubtedly the most impressive building in the city. In the 3rd century it was a Roman palace, and later it was renovated and eventually served as a ...

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Parador Toledo:

El parador de Toledo

If you have time before your flight, you can visit Parador Toledo (15 minutes by car from Toledo), a state-owned hotel with unparalled views of the city. Take the opportunity to go all the way around the city by car, crossing the river on Avenida de la Cava and continuing until you come to Avenida de la Rosa. You'll get an idea of what the city looks like from all ...

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