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Where to eat: Restaurants in San Sebastian

"Pintxos" (bar snacks) in the Old City of San Sebastián:

Pinchos, San Sebastián, España

The way to eat "pintxos" in San Sebastián is enter a bar, order a drink at the bar, and ask for a plate. The "pintxos" are displayed along the bar, each one with a toothpick stuck in it. Take the ones you want and leave the toothpick in the plate. To pay, give the plate to the waiter and he'll tally how many "pintxos" you've eaten according to the number of toothpicks ...

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Dinner in the Old City:

In San Sebastián you can always eat "pintxos" for dinner, but if your feet are tired and you want to eat sitting down, we recommend some of our favourite restaurants in the city. Dinner in San Sebastián-Donosti is not cheap, but the restaurants are so good it's worth trying at least one. Aldanondo, Calle Euskalerría (in the Old City, though near the river). The ...

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Breakfast in San Sebastián:

If your hotel is in the city centre and breakfast is not included in the price, we recommend the bar Ekaín, on Calle Urbieta 20 (between San Martín and Arrasate). The coffee (1.25€) is excellent and their croissants (1.15€) are spectacular. As a curiosity, try their breakfast toast: thickly sliced bread they make themselves with butter and jam (1.15€). The orange ...

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Drinks in San Sebastian:

San Sebastián is a lively city at night, especially Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For an after-dinner drink we recommend the following: Calle Reyes Católicos (behind the cathedral): a very animated street with nice bars. Our favourites: Udaberri (free WiFi) and Splash. Close by, on the street that branches off to the right from the Cathedral (Easo 37), is ...

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