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Las Ramblas:

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

The emblematic Las Ramblas promenade (which runs from Plaça Catalunya to Port Vell) is brimming with news and flower stands, street performers, cafés, restaurants and shops. We recommend walking all the way down the Ramblas to the sea, enjoying its special atmosphere (approx. 30 minutes). Be careful: it's the part of the city where most robberies of bags and wallets occur. Wear your handbags and backpacks in front, and know where your wallet is at all times. Watch out if someone makes jokes or talks to you funny while you're walking by. Be attentive. 

Descend the Ramblas all the way to the sea enjoying its unique atmosphere (approx. 30min). Points of interest:

  • Canaletas Fountain: a small fountain almost at the beginning of the Ramblas, descending on the right-hand side from Plaça Catalunya. Very famous as culés (FC Barcelona fans) go there to celebrate Barça victories. The tradition dates back to the 30s, when fans would go to find out match results at the office of a sports newspaper there. According to legend, "whoever drinks its water will return to Barcelona." So now you know!
  • Boquería Market.
  • Liceu: Oldest and most prestigious theatre in Barcelona, considered one of the most important opera houses in the world.
  • La Plaça Real: Classic quadrangular square surrounded by arcades, nowadays very popular with tourists. If you want to eat or drink something in this area, we recommend going to Bosc de las Fades. To get there go down the Ramblas a little more. Bosc de las Fades is on the street on the left leading to the Wax Museum (Passatge de la Banca). A truly interesting place!