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Park Güell:

Park Güell

  • Brief description: Park Güell is an enormous garden designed by architect Antoni Gaudí. Conceived of initially as a housing development, it was inaugurated in 1922 as a public park (the developer couldn't sell enough houses). The park marks the peak of Gaudi's artistic achievement and belongs to his naturalist period, when the artist was inspire by organic forms in nature. Symbolism: As with all of Gaudi's work, Park Güell is pregnant with potent symbolism of the artist's beliefs. From Gaudi's politically tinged Catalanism (the access staircase represents the Catalan nation) to his Catholicism (the monument to the Stations of the Cross, conceived originally as a chapel). Things you cannot miss:
    • The entrance houses (look like a fary tail).
    • The entrance staircase (with the famous Gaudi dragon). 
    • The Hipóstila room (following the staircase, plenty of beautiful columns).
    • The main squere (over the Hipostila room).
    • The washer woman shelter (going from the Hipostila room to the main square, on your left). 
  • Cost: 8€ ticket (7 € if you buy them at the website -we recommend to do so to avoid long cues-).
  • Hours: Open every day from 08.00am to 09.00pm. 
  • Length of visit: 2hrs.
  • How to get there: closest metro stop: Lesseps (line 3). Once there, it's a 15 minute walk to the park following the tourist signs.