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Plaça Sant Jaume:

Generalitat Barcelona

The site of two palaces, one in front of the other: Palau de la Generalitat (on the right-hand side coming from Carrer del Bisbe), the seat of government of Catalonia, and the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) of Barcelona (on the left). Major achievements of the city such as football championships are celebrated here.

To get there, take Carrer del Bisbe, which comes out onto the square. If you're coming from Carrer dels Comtes, turn left at Carrer de la Llibretería, which also spills out onto the square.

At the corner of Plaça Sant Jaume and Carrer de la Llibreteria, you'll find Conesa, one of the most famous sandwich shops in Barcelona. We recommend the butifarra (sausage) sandwich (3.35?).