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Sagrada Familia:

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

  • Brief description: The Sagrada Familia, UNESCO World Heritage site, is Antoni Gaudí's largest work. An art nouveau cathedral inspired by forms in nature, the architectonic solutions are still shocking today. Construction on this magnificent Catholic church began in 1882, when Gaudí was just 31 years old. He would devote the rest of life to it, and for the last fifteen years before his death would work on nothing else. When he died in 1926, only the tower had been completed. From the original project, only the blueprints and a plaster model badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War were preserved. According to tradition, the work can only be subsidized by contributions from the people of Barcelona. Now, 120 years later, its 8 towers are a far cry from the 18 originally planned. Twelve of the towers represent the 12 apostles, 8 of which already have been built. Subsequently, 4 more will be built at a higher height in honour of the four other apostles, topped off by the central tower-cupola representing Christ along with an additional image such as the Virgin Mary.
  • Cost: 15€ (22€ with audio guide). We strongly recommend buying tickets online, as queues can last 1h at the ticket office. You'll have to choose the entrance date and time, but it is worth it. If you want to take an elevator to the top of one of the towers, the price is 29€ including an audio guide (any of the towers is equally beautiful). This is nice but not essential.
  • Length of visit: 1hr 30min.
  • Hours: October to March from 9.00 to 18.00. April to September from 9.00 to 20.00.
  • How to get there: metro Sagrada Familia (lines 2 and 5).