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Sitges is a charming coastal town to the south of Barcelona where many locals go to spend the weekend or their summer holidays, though nowadays an increasing number live there year round. Its proximity to Barcelona, beaches, good food and nice weather (it's said to have its own micro-climate) are the main reasons why Sitges has become one of the towns with the most expensive real estate per metre in all of Spain. Sitges is also a gay tourist mecca in Europe, which makes its carnival (February-March) like no other. On top of all this, Sitges locals are very outgoing and make the most of any holiday or celebration (King's Day Parade on 5 January; the Antique Car Rally at the end of the March; the Corpus Cristi Flower Festival at the end of May or beginning of June, depending on the year; and the famous Fantastic Film Festival in October, to name a few).