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Stroll along the river: from the Guggenheim to the Old Quarter (20 mins. walking - 8 minutes by tram)

Paseo del Guggenheim al Casco Viejo

If you're not worn out yet, continue walking along the river promenade towards the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter). If you are feeling a little tired, it's better to catch the tram at the Guggenheim stop and head towards Atxuri (sit to the left, though there are things worth seeing to the right as well).

  • At the next stop, you'll see, on the left-hand side the footbridge by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, which connects with the Uribitarte Towers by the Japanese architect Isozaki.
  • At the next stop, across the river, is the stately Ayuntamiento (City Hall) of Bilbao. You'll have the best views when the tram turns to the right and enters the city.
  • The tran will turn to the right first and then to the left, cross a bridge and at the end, on the right, you'll see the Arriaga Theatre
  • Get off at the first station after the bridge. From the tram stop, if you look across the river, you'll see the Bilbao-Abando train station, interesting for its modernist style and for being one of the only train stations in the world with two levels where trains arrive at the lower level.