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Stroll through the Alcaicería and city centre:

Alcaicería, Granada

The Alcaicería is a series of shops and narrow streets devoted mainly to the sale of souvenirs and gifts. It is located between the Cathedral and Plaza Bib-Rambla. In the past it formed part of the souk of the Arab city. It was a closed and well-protected market, the property of the monarch, where silk was delivered in bulk for collecting taxes and to be marked, and where, in addition, high-price goods were sold: silk, silver objects, gold/silver articles, sumptuous tailored clothing, etc.

It's worth walking through the streets and squares nearby (Rib Rambla, Pescadería, Pasiegas and Trinidad). Here you'll also find some of the city's most famous commercial streets, such as Calle Zacatín, Calle Mesones, Reyes Católicos and Puerta Real.