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Stroll through Barrio de Santa Cruz (1 hour):

Paseo por el Barrio de Santa Cruz, Sevilla

Santa Cruz is the historic neighbourhood of the city, brimming with reminiscences of Seville's Arab and Jewish past. We recommend walking along its narrow streets and discovering the numerous private courtyards typical of Seville. The most interesting thing to do is explore the network of alleys contained within the streets Menéndez Pelayo, Santa María la Blanca, Mateos Gago, Avenida de la Constitución and San Fernando. In addition to visiting the Cathedral and Royal Alcázares, we recommend walking through or viewing from the outside:

  • Santa María la Blanca church.
  • Refinadores, Santa Cruz and Alfaro squares.
  • Hospital de los Venerables.
  • Doña Elvira and del Triunfo squares.
  • El archivo de Indias (General Archive of the Indies): Also known as La Lonja (marketplace), it was built in 1572 for commerce but, in 1785, was inaugurated as the general archive for all documents pertaining to the New World. 
  • Palacio Arzobispal (archbishop's palace).
  • Murillo Gardens.