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Visit to Plaza de España:

La Plaza de España, Sevilla

  • Brief description: The most emblematic project of the 1929 Iberian-American Exposition. Construction began in 1914, making it the most ambitious and costly project of the Expo, with more than one thousand men working on it at the same time. The square is very big (the diameter measures 200 metres) and its shape is semi-elliptical, symbolic of the breadth of Spain and its former colonies. It looks towards the Guadalquivir River as the route to follow to America. The two towers flanking the Baroque-style square, which are 74 metres tall, caused displeasure among academics for rivalling the Giralda in height. The canal it contains is crossed by four bridges that represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain. On the walls of the square are a series of benches, representing the 48 Spanish provinces arranged in alphabetical order. On each bench you'll see the coat of arms of the province, its map, and some important historical facts. Plaza de España has appeared in various well-known films. In "Star Wars Episode II: The Attack of the Clones", the square is the planet Naboo, though the scenery was digitally modified. In "Lawrence of Arabia", the square was the headquarters of the British army in Cairo. 
  • Cost: free.
  • Length of visit: 30 minutes.
  • Hours: 9:00 to 22:00.
  • How to get there: bike (the Sevici station is inside María Luisa Park) or walking .