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Jingtong Old Street

Jingtong is perhaps the cutest of the towns in the Pingxi district. It is more intended for tourists, and therefore they take more care of everything, with beautiful decorations and lanterns. This is where you can better appreciate the reminiscences of the mining industry that developed in the area during the time of the Japanese occupation.

On the Old Street is the beautiful train station, built in wood in Japanese times. Here is a little train that children love, and a Japanese garden. At the end of it all, you will find the Mining Life Museum, which is not worth much, but the building itself is very beautiful. And crossing the tracks, you will find the picturesque Jingtong Coal Memorial Park (if you have plenty of time and you are not too tired, you can take a walk).

At the entrance of the village (where Old Street meets the road) is the iconic Jingtong Sky Lantern Hall, a large paper lantern-shaped building, very beautiful especially at night when it is illuminated.

From here, you can take bus 795 or 795 Extend which in 45min will drop you off at the Muzha MRT station. It happens every hour, so you better come before to see the schedules, do not miss the one you want to drink.