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Lingjiao Waterfalls:

 Lingjiao Waterfalls

Once at Lingjiao Station, cross the train tracks and take the path on the left (before crossing the river). Follow that path that goes next to the train tracks (in the direction of Wanggu), and soon you will see some stairs that go down on your right to the waterfall (there are posters with photos).

The waterfalls are beautiful, but unfortunately, the area of rocks that surrounds it is full of garbage. A shame. In any case, you will see that there is a small path that follows a little further between the plants. Take it because it takes you to a somewhat cleaner area, and from where you can take better photos of the waterfalls.

From Lingjioao to Pingxi there is only 1km, which you can do on foot, or by train (if you see that there is little left to pass, take it! In all stations they have a sign with the schedules in English).