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Shifen Waterfalls:

Shifen Waterfalls

Shifen Falls are one of the most beautiful in Taiwan. They are especially beautiful after the summer, when they are super loaded with water. But the truth is that the whole plan is highly recommended at any time of the year.

If you go in your own car, we recommend you park in the Shifen Visitor Center parking lot, and thus you do the full way to the waterfalls. If you have come by train, you have to walk about 15 minutes along the road until you reach the visitor center.

Once at the Visitor Center, you have to cross the river via the Siguangtan Suspension Bridge. Follow the path that goes along the river and later cross it again by the impressive Guanpu Suspension Bridge (you will notice a slight dizziness because it moves a lot!). Behind your back, you can see the Yanjingdong Falls.

Once you have crossed the bridge, you will come to an area with seesaws and statues that children love. Go through the entire area of ​​restaurants and souvenir shops and at the end, on the left, you will find some viewpoints to see the falls from above. But the most impressive thing is later, going up some stairs to the right, start a walk through walkways that take you to see different views of the falls (The Waterfall Park Observation Route). Each viewpoint offers a different view and all are worth it! We recommend that you start on all the viewpoints at the top, and then return through the viewpoints below.